Glutathione as a Performance Enhancer

Glutathione is created through the process that the body uses to break down N-acetyl cysteine which is a powerful antioxidant made from L-cysteine and is found within the building blocks of proteins. This antioxidant is predominately found within human tissue and helps to counteract and remove free radicals from the tissue of our muscles. However, when it comes to exercise, scientists have found a large decrease in the amount of Glutathione in the muscle tissue after a workout compared to what was found pre-workout. Scientist also studied the effects of Glutathione on a workout and measured the levels of fatigue, recovery, and performance to learn what effect it had on the workout.

Glutathione and Performance

Scientist took 7 people around the age of 20 and measured the levels of Glutathione in their systems before asking them to perform workouts of various intensities. While those who had little Glutathione in their system quickly reached a fatigued state, those who possessed larger amounts of Glutathione were able to complete not only a longer workout session but one of higher intensity as well. This shows that Glutathione also assists in the duration of your workout routine while also assisting in the repair to damage caused by the workouts.

Another study was performed when subjects were asked to use stationary bikes at various percentages until they reached exhaustion. This study was taken over the course of eight visits which were spaced 72 hours apart from each other to ensure that all subjects were able to recover properly from the visit previous. Once the control tests were performed, the subjects were provided placebo pills and told that they should notice an improvement in their workouts. The scientists drew blood before and after each workout to see the amount of free Glutathione in the blood before and after the workout. The second half of the study the subjects then received supplementation with the use of N-acetyl cysteine and the same process as the first half of the study continued.

Results and Conclusion

The results of this test showed that while the subjects took the supplement there was a 21% increase in workout longevity as well as an increase of Glutathione. This test concluded that Glutathione can increase the longevity of your workout as well as the intensity and power. While this can easily be supplemented in your diet and your supplementation plan during your workouts, you will notice positive effects of this supplement plan. Many people do not know that through the use of N-acetyl cysteine as a supplement pre-workout, you will be able to use Glutathione as a performance enhancer to improve the duration as well as results of your workouts.

While supplementing this as part of your workout diet, you will want to ensure that you stick very closely to the recommended dosage of these supplements. This is due to the possibilities of side effects that may be caused even though few problems have occurred with various current supplement users.

Another notable vitamin to look into for performance and overall wellness are vitamin b12 shots which is one of the most popular vitamin injections to take for metabolism and overall health.

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